Metallic Purple Coffer?

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  1. Hi ladies, I received a metallic purple coffer (the invoice simply states 'Sacca in P Matelasse Lampone Mordore Tu') with silver hardware as a gift 2 days ago. I have a couple of questions and hope someone can help me out as this is my very first coffer!

    1. Is the metallic purple colour a durable colour? I am worried that it might peel or lose its lustre over time?

    1. The bag was purchased from the Hong Kong boutique, but I reside in Singapore. Should I wish to do an exchange in the Singapore boutique, does anyone know if this is possible?

    Thank you very much. :shame:
  2. Oh wow! I bet it's stunning! How about some pics?
  3. I would love to see your purple Coffer. Is it the distressed leather or smooth leather?
  4. I'd love some pics too!
  5. pics pics please~~
  6. I have seen the metallic dark they are fnd of metallic this season... The brown one seemed pretty durable and nice..not as smooshy as the nappa leather but that's OK... I wonder if the hardware on purple one is silver or gold ? :confused1: pictures asap,please...........
  7. I'd love to see pictures! I can't decide which color coffer to get first.
  8. oh i LOVE metallic purple ... how divine!
  9. Here're some pictures of my metallic purple coffer. I love the divine, luxurious smell of the lambskin whenever I open the dustbag! The colour is :heart: but I just realised that fingerprints show up clearly on the silver hardware. :s

    I called up the local boutique and was told that unlike LV, Miu Miu does not do any international store exchanges. If the bag's purchased from Hong Kong, the exchange must be done in the same boutique.

    I've been diligently reading the posts in TPF these few days and it seems that most of you usually start off with a black leather coffer as your first purchase. Should I keep this or sell it off and buy a black coffer (with gold hardware)? :confused1:

    shockey -- It's smooth lambskin. I hope that this bag will not be too hard to maintain since it's dark coloured.

    wildberry -- The hardware for the metallic purple and metallic grey/black only come in silver.


  10. What an absolutely beautiful color!!:drool:

    My suggestion would depend on whether or not you are looking for a black everyday bag. If yes..................I would highly suggest the black coffer for that job!! If you've been reading the posts re coffers here on tPF, then I'm sure that you know how I feel about the black coffer. I absolutely COULD NOT live without mine!!! :P

    Not ALL of us start off with black. Here's my first Coffer. :graucho:

    It looks orange/red in this picture, but it's a beautiful strawberry red. :tender:
  12. WOW PP - GORGEOUS!!! :graucho:
  13. OMG! How could a bag be so beautiful?! :drool::heart::love:
  14. Your bag is simply stunning!
  15. melissalove


    Picts of the metallic purple coffer!

    My first coffer is in Black simply because I needed a fabulous black purse. I rarely carry black purses and if I do have one, I wanted a practical purse to dress up or down.

    I think that so long as your coffer is not an ultra light color, you should go for a color you really like. I would have love a coffer in a light color but I heard many stories of the lambskin getting tarnished by the hardware.

    Metallic PURPLE is TDF, in my opinion. It's an unusual color and very striking. Do you think it'll go well with your clothes and sense of style?
    You're a lucky lady to receive this as a gift!


    I did not know that MIU MIU boutiques provide a gift box. Make me want to go to the boutique and buy myself a gift just so that I can have this heavenly PINK and BIG box!