metallic pleated hobo, my new love

  1. Isn’t it strange how a bag can just all of a sudden ‘grab’ you?? I know this one has been around for a while, but for some reason – I have just now fallen in love with it. Does anyone have pictures of them wearing the silver metallic pleated hobo? Any info you can give me on this bag would be most appreciated, also – anyone know if outlets carry this? Not sure if eBay is my only option for finding one. I’m in MA so it would be either Lee or Wrentham for me. Thank you very much!:heart:
  2. I've seen them at the outlets, but they are MUCH cheaper on eBay. The ones I saw at the outlets were going for $250. Those were the FL outlets.
  3. The Wrentham outlet had them in spades over the summer - marked down to $249 w/an additional 20% off. I don't know how long they keep old stock, but maybe give them a call . . .
  4. Lahaska only had black today.
  5. I just picked up one at Wrentham outlet on Satuday. they only had white and brown. No silver color. It was only $127.99 + tax. I am still happy on the purchase.
  6. Are we talking about this one?
  7. yup that's the one! Thank you for the eBay links for those that provided them! Sounds like ebay is probably the best place to get one, since they are sporadically seen at the outlets. Does this bag come in different sizes? Just wondering if I need to keep an eye out on measurements when I'm browsing auctions...I think I might need to wait a few weeks too - I refuse to get a credit card balance after workign so hard to get rid of it! It is soooo tempting though...must - be - strong!
  8. Oh I love that bag! I just bought one in silver, and I can't wait to get it.
  9. i love this bag! and in light gold too.

    sigh. i was in vegas and lost my CC so i only had a couple hundred on me cash wise and i didn't want to spend 1/4 of it on the i left the outlet with 2 contact cases.

    :sad: if you see one don't let go! it's really cute and the perfect everyday bag.
  10. IMPSOLA: can you (and anyone else that might have it) please post pics of you wearing it - and let me know what you think about the "metallic-ness" of it, you think it looks to shiny? I have not seen one in person yet, and would like to before buying - but am tempted to just get it anyway!
  11. I will sure do friend! I should be receiving it pronto, hopefully by eh end of the week!

  12. They had a white one at the Birch Run outlet in Michigan as well. On the clearance shelf for the same price but with an extra 20% off. I don't know if it was damaged or not
  13. I have always loved this bag!! gorgeous.