Metallic Pink - WOW!

  1. OMG!! This is VERY pretty!! I want it!! Too bad I'm on a purse ban!! :crybaby:
  2. Yes, i have seen that....go for it if u are keen....i'm not lookin for a metallic bbag and the bag is gorgeous..hehehehe
  3. Oh I love the color! Very very pretty.
  4. I just recently picked up a Cornflower First and a LV MC in white (Alma). My next purchases will probably be Burberry (I'd love to burgundy Manor) and I'm also eyeballing the Cabas Piano (LV).

    But I thought for sure that you here would appreciate the beauty of the metallic pink. And, who knows, maybe someone would have been "searching forever" to find one and I figured maybe I'd help a sister out! :wlae:
  5. ^^ you did! I think MissM got it!
  6. On hold at least... I think it is so beautiful!!!!!
  7. That is gorgeous!
  8. OMG! I'm in :heart: with the color. It's so beautiful! Too bad its on hold.
  9. PRetty :smile:
  10. Miss M - was it you?
    I'd be SO happy if I posted it here and someone really fell in love with it and purchased it (and wouldn't have seen it otherwise if not for my post!)

    Stuff like that makes my day!
    Please fill me in.

    (Also, I know that many people know of Ann and Troy, however, if you've not dealt with them in the past, they are truly wonderful and an absolute pleasure to do business with.)

    Please keep me posted!:yahoo: :nuts: :wlae:

  11. Actually it was your post! :yahoo: Funny cause I received the e-mail last night, but didn't open it :confused1: Don't ask me why?

    But then, when I saw the post in here I got curious and followed the link - and OMG - it was so pretty and the hardware shiny and awesome.. I instantly felt like she was the perfect match for my new grey boobie and TPF charm :drool: Just imagine....

    But... Like I said in my own thread...I'm a bit nervous about the leather... But I think I'll give it a chance, cause I allready feel like she is mine, and I'm sorry girls, - I just couldn't stand to see her pop up in here, knowing that it was SO CLOSE to being mine...:yahoo:
  12. CeeJay just posted an old pix of one of her metallics, maybe she can let you know how it held up. I really believe that getting a few more pix and even meeting her in person will give you your answer.

    When I got the Cornflower - I couldn't breathe when I opened the box and held it and saw the color and smelled the leather. BUT...I was afraid it was just a bit too small.

    I emailed Ann and asked if I could do a slumber party with her for the weekend and it was no problem. I took her for a test drive and haven't been able to put her down since.

    Good luck with your decision. Whatever it is - it will be the right one. (And I hope to see pictures of you with your new fabu pink metallic in the near future!):lol: