Metallic Pink Day!

  1. that is cute but kinda loud looking!
  2. It's definitely not a wallflower bag!
  3. Yeah I'm not a fan of metallic colours but the price is really quite good for this one. =)
  4. well, the price did jump almost $400USD since it was posted here..I talked to the seller 10 hours ago and it was only at 168 and some change USD.

  5. that's really sucks... how the price is jumping so much... i goto ebay to find good deals... instead it's all these high prices that you can basically go out and buy a new one...
  6. Wow are you serious? That stinks.

    Cute bag but I don't care for metallics myself.
  7. I love pink but what you ladies think, I just sold my pale rose because the color is too light for me and not that eye catching, I would love another pink bbag but will metallic pink going to be too much? :shrugs:
  8. Don't care for the color Pink at all but this Metallic Day looks so cute... I own a Pewter Day and I wish I had gotten a Metallic Pink mini coin purse when it was available.

    She's a FAB seller too!
  9. I think it's a really sweet bag but I don't think I'll be able to carry off the colour. Fab seller!
  10. TTucker, the same seller also bid on the same bag I won (from a UK seller) which happened to be a fake b-bag. I wrote to this seller and told her I just saved her from being burned. That's all, nothing else.
  11. Does the metallic rub off at all? Fade? I like the color of it and the bag itself, but when I see metallic bags I always think of old ladies in Florida (cause they all seem to carry gaudy metallic bags!). Not sure I could pull it daughter keeps telling me to get it though....
  12. my metallic bags rub off JUST a little, but they don't rub off to reveal white/silver backgrounds.. it just rubs off and becomes dark.. which is not that noticeable really.. and it TAKES ALOT to rub off.. i use my metallic weekender HEAPS and it only rubbed off at the handles, and only just a little.. =)

    the metallic is gorgeous!! go for it....
  13. Interesting!! I figured she may be a Balenciaga "flipper" since she seems to sell a lot of pre-owned bags. They've all looked authentic as far as I've seen, but of course you never know :sad: I hope she appreciated how lucky she was not to "win" the fake!