Metallic Pewter Uggs

  1. I'm looking for a pair of metallic pewter uggs and I can't seem to find it anywhere...the only place that have it is eBay and this site Anyone know where this site sell real stuff. TIA.
  2. Thank you soo much angestacie04 for the information. I have been dying to order the Pewter Metallic Uggs and no one had them. I checked the superlamb website and I found them in my size. :yahoo:
  3. :yes:Glad i could help. is also a good source for uggs. I ordered my metallic gold ones from them last week. Im trying to debate wether to get a pair of patchworks, pewters, or black cardys. any advice?:shrugs:

  4. The Cardy's are really cute.
  5. I'd have to agree, the cardys are VERY cute and versatile, too:tup:!!!
  6. Another vote for the Cardys here...:tup:
  7. They don't have my size...:tdown:
  8. What size are you looking for? also has them but they ship feb. 5 for size 8 or 9. I'd rather buy them from there than some high price off eBay! Good Luck!!;)

    you have to choose the classic tall ugg on the page and those colors (bronze and pewter) show up as options.
  9. Of course they dont have the classic tall in black in a 7. :sad:
    I had to buy them on eBay. From this seller tripplemr
    There are SO MANY fakes on ebay its crazy. I had to ask for multiple pics from this seller because I'm very wary of buying uggs there but they look very authentic so I'm excited to get them.