Metallic owners who use their bags and have no problems?

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  1. Ok, rather than call attention to those who have experienced problems with flaking, peeling, etc., I thought it would be interesting to hear from those who truly do USE their bag and have had no problems.

    I bought a purple reissue and after one use I saw it had a rub mark (I was very careful with it). I took it to NM to ask the SA what she thought of it, and she immediately takes her fingernail to it and starts rubbin the metallic finish off it! So I had no choice but to proceed with a return (I was hoping it wasn't a rub mark but needed a spot cleaning or something) I wasnt expecting her to totally ruin the bag. Maybe I could have lived with the small mark. Anyway, I managed to snag another one and am thinking of using it of course but Im a little gun shy.

    Who here uses their metallic bags and are in the clear? Help me out here girls, I need to build up my confidence!:sweatdrop:
  2. Did she ask if she could do that? I think if it were me my heart would have stopped for a second. To see my bag being ruined like that. Glad you found a new one though!
  3. I have a metallic DS and black. I use mine all the time. No problems.
  4. I use my metallic black without a problem. I haven't use my metallic purple yet since purchasing it last March (too scare to use it).
  5. No she didnt ask me anything. I handed it to her to show her and ask her what that mark was and she immediately roughed it up! She told me she had another one coming in that she could swap for me but when she credited my card, I had a bad feeling I wouldnt hear from her. So I managed to find one elsewhere. I dont want to give up on my purple metallic bag!
  6. Luccibag, what's the serial number of your former purple reissue? Mine is 121XXXXX. I want to determine if certain batches are bad while others are fine. The only way to differentiate is perhaps by serial numbers. :shrugs: I know Mon doesn't have this problem with hers, and she bought it much earlier than me.
  7. What would be a rub mark?
  8. I use my light silver frequently without any problem. Never inspect it closely but I think I can live with it even it has minor scratch. If you love the bag, get another one.

  9. Oh I dont know what the number was. I would have probably written it down if I had known I was going to come back BAG LESS. :sad: I really want to get over the fear though, I hate having bags that sit around. This one feels more rugged though (or at least I tell myself that lol).

    What's a rub mark? Its a spot where the metallic finish seems to have rubbed off it. Kind of a greyish look to it.
  10. I did get another and I have it now. Im trying to build up the courage to use it. Im sure there are lots of people who use theirs without problems. Hearing some good things would definitely build up my confidence level. :woohoo:
  11. thank you!
  12. Hmmm. Me too! I don't have any problems with my metallic silver reissue though I use it probably every fortnight or so.

    Then again, I am extremely careful with it. I've only made a slight scratch on the inside when I was pulling out my wallet becos of my ring.. :sweatdrop: Obviously now.. I never wear the ring when carrying my reissue.
  13. i have 3 metallic reissues. i used my dark white often. used it for a month straight, and now maybe once or twice a week. i usually wear the chain long (single strapped) and notice no wear what so ever! surprisingly the corners still look great. i couldn't be happier. my metallic black and DS are also in fabulous condition and i've used both of those going out dancing a few times! maybe burberry's right, certain batches weren't made to standard. that's a scary thought!
  14. I have a met purple use it about once per week, super faint rubbing mark on the corners, but i wasn't really baby it either.
  15. My problem....faint purple color on white tissue paper use for storage. The paper is rests on the inner flap. I see no rub offs on the bag itself. Strange.

    My black and silver metallics are fine. Nothing.