Metallic Orange Shoulder's Weekend Out: Pictures Inside!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So I've started using my metallic orange shoulder in earnest, and I thought I would share some pictures from this past weekend with you.

    As you'll see, it's a surprisingly wearable and versatile colour, and the leather is FAB-U-LOUS - just scrumptious! And it looks like orange tin foil! I LOOOVE IT!! :yahoo:

    I'm really paranoid about it chipping (no hardware chips as of yet), but otherwise, I would definitely recommend the Holiday Metallics!


    Enjoy my pictures!

    Attached Files:

  2. Pics, I love Pics! The met-Orange is very beautiful!
  3. Ohhh, how pretty! I love the metallic orange - I have a First, and like you, I'm paranoid about the chipping (didn't stop me from getting a metallic fuschia First too though)! :P Love your Indian outfit in the last pic too - my mom and I have tons haha. :smile: :tup:
  4. I like it best with the pink dress in the last pic :heart: :heart: :heart: but you're right, it really is versatile! Glad you're so happy with your bright orange bbag!
  5. wow is very pretty, i like it. Thanks for posting your pics!
  6. It looks stunning :yahoo:CONGRATS!!
  7. Beautiful bag, lovely color and I love the outfits that were worn with it!
  8. very pretty and vibrant color!!

    was the first pic @ the dundas square outside eaton center?
  9. It is beautiful, looks great on you, even matches the young boy's shirt in the last pic! Thanks for the pictures and congrats!

  10. it was! this past Saturday was DesiFest. my cousin, aunt and I went and they had some stalls, food, and entertainment. however, we spent most of our time in the Eaton Centre! : D

    were you there, phylao? : )
  11. thanks for all the kind comments, ladies!

    I know how much the tPF peeps love pictures!

    : )
  12. thanks, blue! that's my brother with me in the last picture! : )
  13. Gorgeous! You're right, it IS versatile! It looks great with deep pink, one of my fave color combos!
  14. Wow! I have never really given metallic orange a second glance, but I love it in the Shoulder! So cute an I love your outfits. :yes:
  15. wow its soo pretty! I love it!