Metallic Orange Mini Twiggy

  1. I actually had that and sold it, it was just a bit too bright for me. They had them on sale at Barneys in NYC for $500 so I'm sure this seller is hoping s(he) gets asking price!
  2. Luxury-Zurich is a great, legit seller! Actually, they are also PF members!!! I would do business with them in a heartbeat!!!
  3. Good to know...I am always drooling over this seller's items and I know they're authentic, it's always great to hear positive feedback on truly legitimate sellers:biggrin:
  4. They are the nicest people too! I have not bought anything from them YET, but I am working on that. Other PF Members have bought plenty from them, and with great success!
  5. Oh my gosh I know both of the owners of that store Pete and Mario..they are both wonderful!!! I bought 2 hermes bags from them!!!! :graucho: :heart: :rolleyes:
  6. Good luck on the sale to the seller!!!
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