Metallic Nuage - My new HG

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  1. Hi All,

    I've been lurking in this forum for quite a while, and have acquired 3 Valentino bag's, so far. I think I've been converted from being a bal addict, where I am actually contemplating selling all my Bal bags to buy more Valentino's, my current love : )

    My question is this -

    I bought this beautiful nappa bow bag that I adore and wear almost daily. But I've been searching high and low for a metallic one (preferably in purple)... I guess what I"m asking is...has anyone seen them around on any of the sights and/or do they never pop up?

    Also, the white bow bag on the Valentino website, has anyone seen it in real life and if so I would love your opinions on it...

  2. anyone here today?
  3. Hi Melanie,

    I have the black lace over tan patent nuage and love it. I have seen other people out carrying various nuages in metallic and solid colors; they are lovely. Very versatile bag too travels great, holds a ton of stuff. I think your best bet is eBay. . .

    As to the white bow, do you mean the double bow dome (bow is on top with double handles and detachable long handle) or the aphrodite? I have seen both but don't own either. I think you should definitely see/carry it IRL to see if you like the opening mechanism.

    Welcome to Valentino!
  4. Hi : )

    Glad to be here. The ladies here are super friendly. The bag I was talking about is on --
    here's the link:

    It looks like the nuage, unless I'm mistaken
  5. thank you...
  6. I agree with Mithril, your best bet is eBay. Metallics are very delicate but Valentino's are great! Very durable I must say,
  7. Hi Mithril,

    There's a pink metallic one on the bay right now, but they're asking $1,300. I feel it's a bit steep considering it's an 09'...
    Do you know if they pop up on ebay often?
  8. That is a lovely one and looks authentic, but the pictures are blurry. I'd ask for more pics of ALL sides and bottom of bag, flaws etc. Then offer a lower price and see what happens. That one has been on there a while. . .;)