Metallic Nikki on bluefly....did someone here return

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  1. it because it wasn't in good shape? I have it in my cart but Im always wary with bluefly
  2. which one? the purple, or navy?
  3. metallic navy mini nikki
  4. The metallic navy is really hard to come by. You should get it and if its not up to standard return it. I love mine to death.
  5. enabler :P lol
  6. Yes I agree get it the metallic navy is an awesome color.
  7. I ordered.....and somehow the code I entered ($30 off $150) disappeared at checkout....but I called and they said they'd apply it

    Now if I could find one of those purple patent bags ;)
  8. I knew you were going to get it!!! Can't wait to see pics.
  9. yeah, now I realllllly need to get my butt in gear and sell some other bags! lol
  10. congrat! I got a PM from a lovely Minkette... but i guess they only have 1.. please be sure to POST pictures!!!