Metallic Navy Reissue in 226 size AVAILABLE!

  1. Sorry to those who are getting a bit of "deja-vu" from seeing the thread title, but I guess the 226s are filtering into the stores!

    I just got an email from my SA last night about the metallic navy 2.55 I waitlisted for a few weeks ago. It's in the 226 size and retails for $2695 (without tax). It's coming from the Chanel store itself, so if anyone is interested in a metallic navy in 226 size, drop me a PM for my SA's details! I'm asking him to hold it for the day so if nobody PMs by the end of today, I'll have to ask him to release it (although I really want to see him make a sale of course).
  2. Thanks for posting it!
  3. ^ no problem Celia. It's still available and no one has PM-ed me yet! If I weren't already getting this from Paris, it'd be all over it. ;)
  4. Where is your SA located at?
  5. ^ He's in the US, just to clarify! ;)
  6. I forgot to add that the same SA also has the metallic black and dark silver reissues in store. So if anyone is looking for those two colours too, drop me a PM. My SA can do emails too (and he replies very promptly), for the ladies on the board who aren't based in the US. :yes: