Metallic Navy/Purple Reissue vs. Jumbo Beige Caviar w/ GHW

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have a big dilemma in getting my next Chanel. I like the Jumbo Beige Caviar with Gold HW a lot and plans to have one soon, but recently my friend offer me to buy her metallic navy/purple reissue (with dark chain) for USD 2800 - which I think quite a good deal. I think Jumbo Beige Caviar is timeless and pretty; but the metallic reissue is hard to find and the price itself is quite tempting. Help me to choose one!

    (For your reference, I already have the medium black caviar with silver chain and white reissue 227 with dark chain)

    Thanks so much!
  2. beige wtih ghw!
  3. If you want the reissue then get that one because you don't know when you will find it again the beige caviar will always be there.
  4. That's what I think! But is the navy/purple metallic considered as classics? I intend to buy a classic one so I can use it for years. My other friends keep telling me to buy the beige caviar as the metallic will cracks. helppp!
  5. see which one u really like~~~~~~~
    beige is very classic...........i will go beige ~~~
    good luck~~
  6. beige for me
  7. Beige, even though the purple metallic is absolutely gorgeous - it's more classic and timeless, and will definitely last longer as the metallics are known to fade/peel (something like that, it's been mentioned quite often in the forum).
  8. Stay with classics, go for Beige!
  9. I think I have made my mind and will go for the beige! Thanks ladies!
  10. OP, I absolutely love the beige color with GHW. Ultimate luxe combo!!! The metallic bags are a bit difficult to take care have to worry about the metallic sheen rubbing off. I feel that it's also a difficult color to pair with outfits. Beige is a great, easy to match neutral! Do not be swayed by the price of the blue metallic reissue. It's a beautiful bag but I could see one using the beige one wayy more often!

    P.S: I want a beige jumbo with GHW as well, the exact combo!!
  11. I'll go with beige caviar first
  12. I have a metallic navy and love it! No issues with peeling yet.
  13. beige w/ GHW!
  14. beige with GHW without a doubt.

  15. I would get the beige as I think it has more staying power in the long run. Metallic is more trendy IMO and you may tire of it one day.