Metallic Navy or Patent Navy?

  1. I just want to get my first Reissue 2.55. But not sure which one i should go for,the metallic Navy one or the patent navy one. Anyone has seen both IRL?Which one do u prefer? Many Thanks!!!
  2. I prefer the metallic navy. It's so yummy and unique.
  3. patent navy hands down!
  4. I don't think you can find a patent navy in stores anymore. I'm pretty sure it's sold out.
  5. I vote Metallic Navy!
  6. Oh, too sad to hear this. did i see the patent one behind the white classic?sorry, have to borrow the pic from other post
  7. I vote for metallic.
  8. Thanks for confirming that South.

    From BG Act 2 lookbook - it's the 2nd bag pictured A38195 Y04925 $2,425 - it's the same one that my Chanel SA described as the double reissue and only available in the "226" size.

  9. I wish I could see them side by side ...its so hard to say without actually eyeballing the bags in person.
  10. Oh, the double reissue, sounds brand new to me. :smile: thank u Mon!and many thanks to everyone here!
  11. Im sure metallic blue is gorgeous but I find the patent reissue to be more classic and timeless.
  12. i vote for metallic
  13. I'd say metallic, I always worry about transfer with patent (even with dark colors). I think the metallic will be more durable.