Metallic Navy 227 available at NM!!

  1. :heart:My SA just told me that there is a metallic navy 227 available.
    I have to pass because i just got one in a 226. Please PM me for my SA info.
    This bag is at NM , they only take AMEX and NM.
    Good luck!
  2. Ok i think the navy is really rolling in today,
    There is 226 available at the boutique as well!
    please pm me!
  3. appreciate for postin this~~
  4. The 227 is still available if anyone is interested!
  5. purehoney: I pm'd you. :smile:
  6. 227 is taken by a lucky pfer =)
  7. pure honey, is the 226 still available?
  8. please, please tell me who to talk to about the 227
  9. seriously, this question may be so dumb, i might be banned from the sight, but how do i pm someone!
  10. Click the person's username and a drop-down menu will allow you to PM the member.
  11. ok, so i clicked on the user name and the options i got were
    View Public Profile
    Find more Posts
    Add to Buddy List

    I'm having no luck today! :shame:
  12. You'll have to have enough posts before you can PM other members. :yes: Keep posting!
  13. so much to learn. . . so few navy metallic 227/8!!!!!!!!!
  14. there is another navy 227 avail at NM....pls PM me for SA info if you are still looking for one.
  15. Hi. I haven't posted enough to PM, could you give me the information or e-mail me at