Metallic Mushroom or Black?

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  1. Hey ladies, given the choice of metallic mushroom or black which would you go for in a mini Lily? I have the black but I really like the metallic mushroom. Knowing that it's going to be discontinued makes me want it even more. I can't justify 2 mini Lily bags so would have to sell my black one to get the metallic mushroom. I guess my question is which would you choose? Black goes with pretty much everything, do those of you who have any bags in metallic mushroom feel that it's quite versatile? I can't decide whether to bite the bullet, I'm very new to Mulberry too so all thoughts and opinions welcomed x
  2. I think for me the black would be more casual and so it would get more use as opposed to the metallic mushroom. I had gotten the MM envelope wallet to use as a going out clutch - it's still in the box if I was you - I would wait and see if the MM mini lily makes the sale and get it then... they could both have different purposes (that would be my justification ).
  3. Hard choice but personally I love metallic mushroom in general.
  4. Black for longevity m, but I am boring!
  5. I prefer black although I don't have a black lily, but it sounds like your heart is set on the metallic mushroom. So I'd sell the black and look to replace this at a later date as it will be around for a while.
  6. It's such a hard decision and I am the worst at making decisions I can't make even the simplest ones. I'm vey indecisive. Eventually I want a regular mini in black so I'm thinking it might make sense to get the mini in mm so I don't have 2 black bags. I'm hoping I can wait until the sale, I have no experience of mulberry sales and I'm worried about missing out!
  7. Definitely regular lily in black and mm in mini lily!
    You would get much more use out of a regular lily in black and use mm mini lily for special occasions.
  8. Yes I think you're right. I wish I had decided before I'd missed the cut off to return. I wish I was a bit more adventurous with colours in general but I think the mm will look nice on evenings out. I don't think I'd ever use it in the day just as its so small. I wonder if they'll bring out any more colours. I really like the blue and green, I think if they were around the £150-200 I'd be able to get a few eventually but £350 for such a small bag means one is the max!
  9. I compared the black with the mm when buying my Mini Lily and decided on the MM for two reasons:
    1: i can always find a nice small black bag for less Cost in another brand.
    2: metallic mushroom i cant get and not many have it.

    I use mine during the day when i just want to have small stuff with me and the color goes so well with a "relaxed" style such as jeans and T-shirt. Have receives alot of compliments for it. The color brightens a day without being too "blingy".

  10. +1

    I think the mini Lily is made to be in MM or some bright color :biggrin:

    Regular Lily could be a pop of color but in black/oxblood/other neutral color it's a perfect every day bag.

    I have a regular Lily in oxblood and will buy a mini Lily (probably before the sales since I will not risk missing it).
  11. I think you make a really good point and I'm almost certain I will now, I just need to get to a shop to have one last look. I've gone from thinking Mulberry bags were silly & overpriced (well they are overpriced) to wanting one of everything in every colour!
  12. Good luck with your purchase. As you can see from my avatar I have a regular MM lily. I actually bought the mini initially but sent it back because I loved the finish so much so purchased the regular instead (there was a 20% off promotion at the time and it was before the price increased). I'm a bit of a lily lover so do have a mini lily too but in black.
  13. I just bought a mini lily in MM to go with a black and gold dress I'm wearing to a wedding this week. The colour is gorgeous - I thought it might be a bit too much to have a 'gold' bag but it's actually quite subtle. I'm currently searching for the perfect small black bag as I currently don't have one (!) but I wouldn't change my MM mini lily for black if I had the choice. It's much more interesting and unusual than black! I'd also wear it during the day as it's such a small bag it wouldn't be too OTT for a casual look.
  14. Hi
    Did you buy the MM mini Lily?
  15. Get the MM now as they will be hard to get in a good condition once discountined, whereas the black will always be about on the preloved market And will be easy to pIck up ;)