Metallic mushroom Lily at flagship store

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  1. I couldn't see this posted anywhere so I thought I'd let you know - if anyone missed the Harrods limited edition metallic mushroom Lilys last year, I found some in the flagship store in London last week!

  2. ooh so lovely!
  3. I didn't like it then I did but now I love it again :smile: how much was it?
  4. I didn't check, but I assumed it was £750 - the same price as when I bought this one in Harrods!

    I do love this bag, but I find it tricky to match things to it. It sort of does and doesn't go with everything all at the same time. But then I look at it again and I love it once more! :smile: It really is a very difficult colour to capture, it comes out a different colour every single time!
  5. I know exactly what you mean. I thought it would go with anything but it surprises me sometimes.
  6. Interesting to hear, thanks. I thought about a Christy clutch in that colour but maybe not then!