Metallic Muse

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  1. Does anyone have a metallic Muse and how do you like it, or has anyone seen one?:shrugs:
  2. I have the large anthracite and it is one of my fav. bags. It is so easy to use and the leather looks better with time. The only thing is that the leather has changed color a bit around the straps . I love the metellics the Muse came out in.
  3. I also have the anthracite--in medium. I like it a lot--it's a subtle metallic, which I like (I don't like the harsher metallics. I haven't had any problems with discoloration. Kaban--any ideas why that happened to yours? What do you mean by around the straps--the edges?
  4. Susan - I think that one strp over the other caused a bit of rubbing and it is very slightly darkend. When my bag is full i'm more comfortable hand holding my bag and the straps both come together. Nevertheless, i love the bag and get a lot of compliments on the color!
  5. Are they still available in the stores? Did one of you order your Muse from the woman who had the online shpp from California (I can't remember the name but she stopped doing business, lot of buzz about her tPF).
  6. I have seen photos of Susan's metallic, and it is absolutely gorgeous! Good luck in your search...I think this is such a great bag!
  7. Neiman Marcus has some on their website.:graucho:
  8. I like the double bag in anthracite, and the woven metallic parts of the new YSL bags (especially the hobos), but a muse entirely in metallic is too much for me! I'd get so sick of it quickly - it doesn't have the subtlety of the double (and you can't reverse it, either!)
  9. i saw the metallic bronze muse (small size) at Saks a couple weeks ago... it is SO GORGEOUS!!!
  10. I saw the Anthracite muse in the large and oversized at the YSL at the South Coast Plaza mall which is in Costa Mesa, California. They're great at mailing bags out beautifully. If you're interested, give them a call. Ask for Karissa--she's very nice!
  11. I would be interested in Anthracite. For Anthracite owers, are you getting tired of the color, how is it holding up?
  12. I have the anthracite in large and I just love the color, it's not screaming silver.
  13. I bought a medium gold muse two weeks ago from the YSL boutique. They said that this had been previously released a few seasons back and they got 1 or 2 pieces this January as part of the cruise collection shipments.

    This was an impulse buy. I've seen couple of anthracite muses before but never saw a gold muse. So I quickly snapped it up and think that it will be perfect for the summer.:heart:
  14. I love your bag. It's gorgeous.
  15. I'm still really happy with the anthracite--it goes with almost everything of the colors i wear and since I have an overabundance of black bags, it's a nice change.