Metallic MJ bags

  1. i saw a GORGE metallic blush stam today and put it on hold. i was wondering how well mj's metallics hold. any and all suggestions, thoughts, comments, or what not - muy appreciated!!!
  2. Well, I bought a silver Venetia around 2004-2005, and the metallic has held up very well. There's just a small amount of wear on the piping on the corners of the bag, but that's to be expected, I think. It seems much better made than some other metallic bags that I have seen. In general, I've found the quality of MJ bags to be terrific. Good luck!

    Marc Jacobs Venetia.JPG
  3. I would expect a little wear of the metallic if you use it frequently, but if you only use it once in a while it should stay in good shape.