Metallic Miu Miu- How To Care For?

  1. OK so I'm not sure where to post this question but I figured with all the METALLIC accessories Miu Miu debuted this season that this forum was as good as any. I have a Metallic Miu Miu silver wristlet I purchased this season and a pair of metallic gold crackled Miu Miu sandals from this season as well. I love them both but I have only used/worn them a couple times and the metallic finish is already starting to rub! The sandals are rubbing worse than the wristlet however. i don't know if it is the way I walk or what but the left sandal is way more distressed and rubbed than the right and even though they are suppose to have that "distressed crackled look" the right doesnt match the left any more! I don't think I am being finicking as I have only worn them twice for a couple hours. Does anyone know if leather care specialists can help restore metallic finishes? Does anyone else have any experience with this problem? I would really appreciate any help with this matter as I have no idea how to remedy it myself :confused1: