Metallic Med Lily?

  1. A while back someone had posted about this in the lily club section they said it was on back order until Feb 4th when I called CS they dont know about it I am sure it is a differnt style number and is she platnuim like the bridget? can anyone help? or know if there is going to be such a thing? :shrugs:
  2. Unfortunately...I've never heard of the Lily in metallic.:sad:
  3. Great question! I read that earlier thread too. I had called my SA and she knew nothing about it, but took my info in case they showed up to order. Sorry I don't have the answer, but I, too, would like to know about these!
  4. I think it did have a different item number.
  5. I think the style number for this bag is 11552 and it will be $998.00 and is very limited (so I heard). I have not called JAX lately to check availabiltiy but the last time I checked there were only about 70 left.
  6. I called JAX thanx for your help she said it is on back order until next week and it is a pewter color med lily for 998. with nickel hardware. I think I will try to order her next week this sounds interesting!Thanx again I knew someone knew something about this.
  7. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I just called JAX and was able to actually order one, credit card and all! USC girl is correct. The item number is 11552 for $998 (:wtf:). She didn't know exactly how many they would be getting, but that it would be limited. They should be available at Coach on Feb. 9th. Hope it's cool! Hopefully it comes in before my Valentines day trip!
  8. Way to go congrats. I will probaly call at the end of the week so im sure to get one !
  9. Does anyone have a picture? I didn't even know about these!
  10. I wish I had a picture, but sadly, no. It is supposed to be the medium lily style with the same silver hardware and metallic platnium leather as the new silver/platinum bridget. It is a limited edition (as far a I know) so I was afraid to wait! Hopefully, it will be lovely!
  11. I heard something about a metallic leather lily, but from what I heard I it was a regular lily, not a medium one.

    I am in love with my Platinum Bridget, so if I could get a Lily in it, wow.
  12. Wander-

    I am not a stalker, but I will seriously hunt you down if you don't post pics the MINUTE you get her! :bagslap:

    [Ok- you realize this was said in humor and I mean no harm, right?]

    Can't wait!!!
  13. any pics yet? would LOVE to see it
  14. I can't wait to see pics of this bag!
  15. Ya! If you don't post pics we'll never speak to you again!:cursing: