metallic magenta???

  1. I found another bag - it's a magenta 2004/2005 holiday metallic color in classique size. The bag is new and was never used.

    I just want to ask if you think the color is too loud? or should I take it?


    **it's the same one as this eBay#6852592834, but I am not getting that bag from her**
  2. Amour, go for it! the color sounds beautiful :nuts:
  3. I think it's really pretty but couldn't pull it off.
  4. Love it, Love it, Love it
  5. As of yesterday Koh Samui (in London) still had the metallic magenta fiirst/classique in stock (for 630 or 640 GBP). Not sure if it has since been snatched up, but you could give them a call to check. IMO it's safer to go the boutique-route first before going the eBay-route.
  6. '

    thanks sweetie, I am not buying from eBay though;) buying it from someone I know:shame:
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