Metallic Magenta?

  1. Does this color exist? Anyone have pics? I did a search but came up empty. I'm hoping to see the First in metallic magenta. TIA everyone:smile:
  2. i think it was in previous seasons...not too sure which year as i tends to see this pop up in eBay before in metallic magenta or metallic pink....can't recall.....:jammin:
  3. yes, i think it comes from the holiday season 2005 where i got my red metallic too from.
    but i have no pic :p
  4. Thanks ladies for responding. I am driving myself crazy trying to find a pic somewhere. Metallic red sounds fabulous!! Unfortunately for me, I have made my mind up that I must have a metallic magenta First and a GH black City. OY! DH is going to flip!!
  5. Uh ... unless one appears on eBay, it's very unlikely that you will find one. The first metallics were part of the '04/05 Holiday Collection which consisted of:
    • Magenta Metallic
    • Rouge/Red Metallic
    • Orange Metallic
    • Pewter Metallic (the lighter version)
    I have the Magenta City and the Rouge Makeup from this season (I just sold the Orange and another Rouge Large-size Shoulder on eBay). Here are some pics:

    • My Magenta Metallic with just a few of my other B-Bags:

    • Here's another picture (this one is from the original seller on eBay):

    • Here are pics of the Rouge & Orange Large-size Shoulders:

  6. My goodness, those are all beautiful!! Thank you for the info. I did an ebay search and didn't find anything. I appreciate your honesty. I think I will just concentrate on the GH City for now. :yes:
  7. It's all about timing, I'm afraid ... just a while back, there were two Magenta Metallics (a First and City) up on eBay!!

    I would recommend checking out the site to familiarize yourself with the Colors by Year/Season, as well as where to buy authentic Balenciaga bags. Sometimes some of the consignment shops will come by one, but just like on eBay, if the shop doesn't know how to authenticate it, you may get stuck with a DUD!
  8. ceejay, ur metallics r so stunning!
  9. omg~~~ lovely!!!! CEEJAY, you really got an awesome collection !!!
  10. THANKS!!! I LOVE the Metallics and am still TOTALLY kicking myself :noggin: for having sold my Rouge Metallic City! I saw a Rouge Metallic First on eBay ... should have pounced on it, but wasn't able to since it was more important to pay my Taxes ... :cursing: !!
  11. I think I will be lining up for the next First that shows up on eBay. Those pics are gorgeous
  12. Here is my metallic pink

  13. i know how you love magenta...believe me...i know the feeling--it's #1 on my list. but, if you are an orange gal there's an orange metallic on i wish i could wear orange, but it doesnt look good on me--its a cute bag tho. until, a magenta metallic pops up, we will just have to wait...good luck!
  14. ^^Thanks for the tip! I am not an orange either. I appreciate the responses and I will be keeping my eyes peeled...I will also be posting in the AuthenticateThis thread:yes: I am trying to avoid getting scammed and I know how difficult that can be. Again, thanks ladies!!
  15. Here's Nicky Hilton sporting a magenta color, but not in metallic: