Metallic Magenta Question

  1. Did Balenciaga make this color in the makeup and coin purse? I have never seen pics of either if they did. Thanks!
  2. I'm assuming that they did. I have the Red Metallic Makeup and I just snagged the Magenta Metallic Shoulder and Red Metallic Shoulder on my vacation in Italy (couldn't believe my eyes ... two '04/05 Metallics that hadn't been scooped up!).

    I purchased some Coin Purses in '04 and '05 and remember that they didn't make them in the Metallics.
  3. Oh nice, I would love a metallic makeup... :love:
  4. I think I have seen the coin purse in silver and that right? I REALLY want a metallic magenta makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Here is an accesory in that color!!:heart: :heart: [​IMG]
  6. Very pretty!
  7. ^ I want I want!