Metallic Magenta First or Regular Magenta First?

  1. Which one do you like better?
  2. Metallic Magenta First!!!!
  3. Loooove the metallic! It just...glows!
  4. Regular!!!!!
  5. Regular! It's much more versatile in my opinion...
  6. Hmmm - tough one! But I'd say regular, just because, like mpark said, its a bit more versatile. I can't picture wearing the metallic for anything other than clubbing.:shame:
  7. Now last week I received 2 Magenta Shoulders, 1 in regular Magenta and 1 in Metallic Magenta....I kept the regular one (then sold it to a PFer) and returned the Metallic one. Wasnt crazy about the metallic. I have the regular Magenta Purse that I LOVE and ADORE though. Guess I'm too old for metallic anything unless I lived in Palm Beach, Florida and was like, 70 or something.
  8. I'm going to say BOTH :biggrin:
  9. Regular!

    Donna, you sold the shoulder? It's the cutest thing!
  10. Metallic magenta! I just love the metallics... :love:
  11. regular def. !
    the only metallic i can stand is the red one!
  12. Regular!
  13. I know! I wish I knew about it b4 she sold it..I would've bought it. :crybaby:
  14. Regular!
  15. Regular. It's not quite as flashy and seems more practical. But maybe you don't feel like being practical. I know I love my metallic bronze.

    I was no help.