Metallic Magenta First avail. @ Koh Samui in London

  1. A really rare & stunning color from 2005 (I think Lindsay Lohan has this bag & Nicky Hilton wore it to the Oscars last year)....too bad it's not quite the size I'm looking for. Anyway, I called up Koh Samui this morning in search of another B-bag and was stunned to find that they still had this color in-stock. The lady I spoke with said the price was something like 640 GBP or 630 GBP, and that they charge approx. 20 GBP for shipping to the US (not like the 70 GBP shipping fee Cricket charges for shipping 1 B-bag).

    If any one here wants it, you can call Koh Samui (London) at +44 (0)20.7240.4280
  2. thanks for the info, foxy! would you happen to know if they have an e-mail address? TIA
  3. No, unfortunately I don't know if they have an e-mail contact or a website. It's best to call them though...the SA who answered my call was pretty friendly & knowledgeable.
  4. I looked for an email or website a few days ago & couldn't find anything
  5. thanks, foxy!

    yhassan, yeah, i tried numerous times googling the store for a website or e-mail and no such luck either! thanks, though!
  6. Their website isn't ready yet, and they never check emails...its best to call. I had this bag, they sold it to me for 50% off!! :smile: I saw on some blog that they had Paddingtons and Balenciaga 50% off one weekend...I called and the Paddingtons were gone, but they still had this bag. I couldn't believe it. Just goes to show that it can happen, you never know.
  7. 50% off?? That is the most amazing thing I have ever heard!! If you ever see this again, PLEASE let us know!
  8. When I called...I really didn't think that it would be for real. I just happened upon a blog that said that this girl had walked into the boutique and this sale was going on. I didn't tell the forum because this bag and other suede hobo was the only left on sale. They may be having another sale in July or so...
  9. Thanks for the info! I'll be sure & keep my fingers crossed for another sale!
  10. I know this is old but I called them today to see if they might still have the bag and they don't. Did a pf'er get the bag?
  11. I got one, I don't know if they had more than one or not. I sold it a while ago, it was one of the ones that got stolen from me via PayPal (a big fiasco), so I don't have the bag or the $$. It was such a cool bag!!!!
  12. ^^^ stolen what do you mean by stolen from paypal?????
  13. Sorry to hear that BorsaBella. that color was cool i saw it in real life but at the time i thought it was too bright but now i wish i have bought it.
  14. I bought a Metallic Magenta First from Koh Samui in February. It was £680. I absoultely love it. It is really bright but it's one of those bags that every time you take it out of its dustbag it makes you smile.

    If you get the chance to I'd definately buy one.