Metallic magenta first $200

  1. do you think that is real? I doubt it though, a balenciaga for that low cmon.
  2. It looks authentic to me. Maybe the seller just wants to avoid some eBay-fees and hoping the bids will go higher?
  3. I think this is fake. The 2005 metallics have leather tags and silver hardware, not matching metal tags and hardware. Since she has the receipt...she should know if the bag is a 2004-metallic or a 2005-metallic.

    And it looks like the thread on the top of metal tag is magenta and it should be black.

    I don't trust any auction that doesn't allow me to enlarge the pictures. :s
  4. It looks real to me. 2004 metallics had the same color tag as the bag and in fact did have matching color hardware (see atelier.naff: Balenciaga color swatches, by season) there is a color swatch of the metallic magenta and it clearly has matching hardware. Its possible that she purchased the bag in 2005 even though its 2004 color.

    If you look on atelier-naff, atelier.naff: The art of the tag: reading the inside of a Balenciaga bag there is a pic of the inside tag of a metallic fuschia. There are some differences in the font type for the numbers & the letter "A" seems a lot fatter than the one on eBay, but to be honest the font & size of the eBay auction bag looks more authentic to me.

    I have never seen the font used for the numbers 103208 that atelier-naff gives as an example. It looks much shorter and fatter than I have ever seen. Just my opinion.
  5. I think this listing has been listed serveral times. I think at one time it was competing against another metallic magenta first. And if I remember correctly, the listings the seller had a reserve but no bids, maybe they are just getting desperate?
  6. looks real to me!!
  7. that's a lovely bag, but wow! i need sunglasses to look at it because it's so bright and shiny. :wtf:
  8. I'm truly sorry for posting this IF it's fake! It looks so real but at the price, maybe the pics are of another bag? It would be great if we could determine if the bag is fake or not though. And if it is, I will ask a mod to delete this thread!
  9. ^^^I don't think it's fake and have addressed that in the Authenticate thread. Don't worry about posting it.:flowers:
  10. Thanks! Let's hope you're right :flowers:
  11. Oh so it is real! Cool! But I bet the price will go up!
  12. pretty! it's authentic. it's a 2005 metallic magenta.

    breakin it down...
    (all lambskin leather)
    04 metallics (magenta, orange, red, pewter) -color of leather & hardware same (pewter is same brushed pewter like previous seasons)
    05 metallics (silver, pewter, bronze, pink) - shiny silver hardware
    06 metallics (gold) - gold shiny hardware
  13. The reason I questioned this bag is that I have a 2004 metallic and the font on my interior tag looks different from this one. :shrugs:

    If it is real...then someone is getting a great deal! :graucho:
  14. Wrong!!! I have the Magenta Metallic City and it has a plate EXACTLY the same as this bag. This is from the '04/05 Holiday Collection. All these bags had plates which were "dyed" the same color as the bag; the same with the hardware. Balenciaga stopped doing this when they came out with the '05 Metallics because of chipping on the hardware.

    I believe that this is the REAL Deal!!