Metallic Lv's


Dec 27, 2005

since i had my last purchase *speedy perforated* .. i started to adore Lv more and more ... moreover i really like the vernies line ..and noticed in LV fall/winter fashion show introduced metallic vernies speedy .. papilon , keepal and alma and i went nutss ...
am gonna die if i didnt have my hands on that speedy:cry:

so any one of u have any idea about it? i mean further information? date of release? limited? price range??

anyOne ther than me have crush on this pieces? :nuts: plz do share
I think it'll come out in October. But my sugestion is this......order one right now especially the one that you really want so that the moment the bag can buy them immediately.

The good thing about ordering one now is that you can get the choice of design especially those limited editions one. But before you hit the LV store, print a pic of the design and show it to your SA.
IFFAH .. i just calllled LV and had my name once again on their waiting list 4 the new denim line .... didnt ask about special orders but i guess they dont do it here *Dubai* ...
i will try calling paris and check with them ..although they dont ship their goods abroad..dont why .... but i will give it a try
Yeah, I'm with Candice. I am saving now for that Keepall. I want it. And if it happens that I don't like it, I'll keep it for a while and sell it on eBay for a possible profit. Somehow, I don't see them selling for under $4K.