Metallic/Light Colored Leather Owners!!

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  1. I was thinking about getting a champagne colored small leather Gucci crossbody but I'm worried about color transfer and the bag showing dirt?

    Does anybody own a Gucci bag in that color or another light-colored or metallic leather and can give their thoughts.

    It wouldn't be an everyday bag but I may wear for a week or two at a time. I don't want to buy it if it's a bag that I will have to baby.

  2. I was just going to ask the same question about Flora leather and if anyone has experienced color transfer. Mainly with wallets and the inside of bags with satin fabric linings. TIA
  3. I have a sukey in the metallic antique rose (have pic in the clubhouse) and I've never had any problems or even thought about it really. She is as lovely today as she was when I bought her 15 months ago. In the warmer months, she is my go to everyday bag, only because she doesn't like squeezing over a coat or jacket. And I don't baby her at all ;)
  4. I have the large sukey in silver from a few years ago, 3-4? I wear it a few weeks a year. There is very slight ruboff, but only where the folds stick out. Are you considering the crossbody with the chain strap (not the disco)? Me too! :balloon:
    The crossbody leather is less metallic and has a little coarser grain that my guccissima sukey, so I would say it is less delicate. I don't think the leather would be a problem, but to be safe don't wear it with dark demin.

  5. I LOVE the one with the chain, but I am looking at the SOHO disco crossbody with leather strap. I think its so cute and practical! I need a bag for travel that I don't have to worry about banging up. Also want to use with my 3 little kiddies when I don't need to take much. I bought the Disco in champagne, but decided to return for the black since this is more than an occasional bag for me and I don't want to worry about what I'm wearing with it, etc.

    Thanks for your input!