metallic leather MAVE clutch-

  1. i currently do not own any JC bags, but i saw this clutch and i was like :drool:

    it's currently on hold for me at the boutique...

    should i get it?? what are your opinions on this clutch/ie, will i be able to pair it with a lot of outfits/situations.


  2. I love this. Beautiful choice!
    Gorgeous and it will go with everything.
  3. I :heart: iis a great clutch .... and we all know it will go fab w everything ....
  4. :yahoo: I would go for it:tup:
  5. keep up posted with what you decide :smile:
  6. I have the Mave in white. I like it so much better then the Marin. That's a great color that'll go with a lot and you'll use the bag for a long time.
  7. Yummy! If I could wear a clutch it would be this one! I'm just afraid I would leave it somewhere. Metallics are still big this fall so go for it.:yahoo:
  8. i'm going to go get this tomorrow- i'll keep everyone posted! ;)