Metallic Leather Charms / Key Chains

  1. Hi everyone, I am new here but have been reading and drooling over everyone's goodies for a while...

    I've searched but I could not find an answer...Does the colour from the metallic leather charms / key chains rub off? I don't mind if it fades, but if I hang it on a bag, will the colour rub off onto the bag?

    I have the metallic hearts key fob (in the attached pic) and am worried that if it's swinging around a lot, it may transfer onto the leather or material of the bag I want to attach to.

    TIA for all your help...
    metallic hearts.jpg
  2. I've had my C charm on several bags for different lengths of time and haven't noticed this problem. I don't *think* there's a transfer issue, but now I'm curious if anyone else has experienced it.
  3. I've got the Coach skull charm/key ring clipped to the zipper pull on my black duffle bag and I haven't noticed any rubbing off of the color on the skull charm.
  4. I don't think so. I have several metallic charms and they appear to be fine. My daughter sports around the skull charm and tends to abuse it and her bag and the charm appears fine as well.
  5. I've also been using the skull charm for several months now and haven't had any transfer problems.
  6. :nogood:Nope, no problems with mine either:tup:
  7. i have the LOVE charm on a lighter bag and it appears to be doing fine too.
  8. On charms, no. On keychains, yes. I have several metallic charms and they've all weathered well. However, I have the gold goldfish keyfob and he is abused daily and looks it (finish has rubbed off in several spots). I do still love him though! Also keep in mind that I am rough with my keys - they get tossed on my desk, fall on a regular basis, etc. If you're more careful than me, your keychain may weather better.
  9. Thanks for all of your replies. It looks like my key fob is ready to be taken out...
  10. my 'c' charm is on all my bags since my name starts with a C and no transfer yet
  11. I just saw this at a Macy's and almost picked it up since you can't find it on Maybe I'll go back and grab it tomorrow. I think it would be sweet on my pink optic bag.