Metallic leather care

  1. I've really grown to :love: the YSL muse, and am considering the medium-sized bronze version. (first pic shows the color, and the second pic shows the size I want)

    A couple of potential issues are holding me back:

    How to care for metallic bags?
    What do you do to protect your metallic bags? Can you use Shining monkey? AppleGuard? Also, I've heard that the metallic can rub off. Is this true? Can anything be done to prevent this?

    Is a metallic color too trendy?
    I know metallics has been hot for a while, but will it be outdated pretty soon? Is bronze a good neutral? Can it go with many colors?

    Thanks in advance for your advice, thoughts, experience....

    ps - sorry about the million questions :shame:
    muse bronze.jpg Muse - med white.jpg
  2. You do have to be careful with metallics. But I've found that high-end metallic bags definitely do better than the lower end brands. Basically the metallic is a "coating" on the leather. So if you rub against the bag a lot, etc., you'll end up with "wear" spots. There's not much you can do to prevent it other than not letting it rub against your body, etc.

    However, a REALLY good leather repair service can apparently "re-dye/re-touch" those spots. There's this place in Los Angeles, that is highly recommended for that fix. I can't remember the name though... If you definitely want the name, call the MJ store in LA, they'll be able to give you the name and info.

    I think metallics can be a good neutral, but it depends on how "blingy" the bag is... I think the bronze Muse can be a good way to go if you wear a lot of earthtones. Personally, I prefer the anthracite/pewter metallic in the Muse, but I wear a lot of black...

    Hope that helps!
  3. I have a metallic bronze Fendissima handbag, and I just use regular leather protectant with it to condition it. No color has come off yet. I would probably go with the apple or shining monkey for higher designer brands though :smile:
  4. I am so attracted to shiny sparkly bags. I have heard that you shouldn't let metallic bags come in contact with alcohol or perfumes as it can ruin the finish. I regretfully just listed my new Botkier metallic Mauve on eBay. I'm going to take a big loss but I realize I am just not going to use it. I LOVE metallic but it's so not me <sigh>
  5. I have had trouble with the wear on Metallics, though I do love them. Of course, I haven't bought anything super-high-end in metallic for that reason. Those could wear better. They seem to scratch and wear quickly.
  6. Sadly, my Michael Kors gold metallic bag has never seen the light of day. I bought it about a year ago and never used it, so I'm sorry I can't answer your question.
  7. Has anyone had been having problems with metallic leather purses where the metallic finish is rubbing off the leather? I've tried two different brands (Coach, and now Francesco Biasia) and within several weeks of regular useage the bag shows signs of wear -- the finish rubs off from my arm or body touching it, I suppose. Any ideas on fixing/preventing this? Should I return the bag? (The Coach bag already went back.) thanks!
  8. I think it happens with all the bags but it shows more with metallics. Plain bold colors also show rubbing off with use. I don't think you can prevent it other than go for non-metallics and prevent it from rubbing against your clothes.
  9. The only metallic leather I have had is a Cromia direct from Italy, and the bronze metallic seems to be holding out. I don't think I would get another metallic, though, just for my personal taste in handbags.
  10. it also happens on my red metallic balenciaga bag...
    it rubbs off but not too bad.
  11. i guess i just wonder how much is too much finish rubbing off. this is in rather obvious places and i've only had the bag for one month. i'm planning to see if it's returnable.
  12. My Prada "Golden Goose" is holding up great. I was a bit concerned about the finish rubbing off too, given it's a drawstring bag and you have to constantly slide the leather loop up and down the drawstrings to get into the bag, but so far no problems.

    Metallic SHOES though.........well, don't get me started. :mad:
  13. Should metallic leather be treated in any way with leather care products? My smooth leather bags usually get treated with either Coach moisturizer or Apple leather conditioner, and the Mulberry gets sprayed with Colonil Waterstop, but I'm not sure if anything should be done to metallic leather to protect and/or condition it. Thanks for any advice!
  14. hmmm....i'd be interested in knowing the answer to this as well...just bought a metallic leather coach bag. ..the SA said to not use anything...but anyone with suggestions?
  15. Yeah, I've got a Kooba metallic and have been wondering as well. Maybe this bump will prod someone to answer?