Metallic Kristen Bags

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  1. A couple of months ago I read several poster were afraid the metallic Kristen flap hobo and the satchel wouldn't hold up. Recently, there have been several posts about the metallic Alexandra peeling, but nothing about the Kristen. Is it because the Kristen really is holding up, or did no one keep long enough to see? I love the look of the metallics, but I want to know other's experiences with their durability. Thanks.
  2. I guess no one kept the boysenberry or black kristen flap hobo after their reveals?. It looks so gorgeous, but for the price it has to be durable for me.
  3. I still have my black Kristen flap hobo, but haven't used it yet as it's still summer here. I don't expect any problems with the black because the leather is different than the leather on the purple. That said, I also have the metallic amethyst Audrey and have had no problems with that leather, so far so good.

    I've been waiting to see if Coach releases a large Kristen flap hobo in the acorn or other colors. The department stores have it in the small, but that's a little small for me as I carry my life with me. I will jump on it in the acorn or walnut colors if they do make a large.
  4. I have the Kristen Studded Satchel in Boysenberry and Black. I have had them since the first of August. I have used the Boysenberry one and she is holding up just fine. All her scales are in place and she is still holding her sheen.
  5. I too have been carrying my boysenberry for 3 weeks now. No babying (out of the ordinary) and she's holding up wonderfully! I was concerned too and started a thread called will the boysenberry last. I am VERY happy with mine!