Metallic Handbags Timeless?


Metallics, IN, OUT, or TIMELESS!

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  1. Trying to decide between a metalic and tan/whiskey color. How long do you think the metallic trend will continue?
    Cheers, Carolyn
  2. i think that after next summer, it's dead.
    but that's just me.
  3. I love both colors so much! It's a tough call. The metallic anthracite paddington is so gorgeous, I don't think you have to worry if it goes out of "style". It's different from most of the metallic bags that I have seen. The "over factor" is less of an issue I feel. It's truly divine!:love: I chose whiskey because it is a bit more classic for me in the future.
  4. I think you're safe with the metallic as well. I really look as metallics as neutrals anyway don't you think?
  5. i honestly think metallics have become a new neutral, at least for the next few years. the trend has been going on for several seasons now, and i really think that if it was a flash in the pan, it would be over by now.

    that being said, if you buy a high-quality, classy bag, even if metallics go down in demand a little bit, you're still going to be ok because it's a nice bag first and a metallic bag second.
  6. I think that metallics will kind of come and go, they'll be in sometimes and not others but they'll come back eventually.
  7. I'm not a fan of metallic anything, but the anthracite paddington does look nice. I do agree with amanda, though - if it's a nice, high quality bag, it will be a good investment, no matter what color.
  8. There are some muted metallics that will always be acceptable - like gunmetal and pewter. The full-on in your face metallics like gold and silver will not be as fashionable a year from now.

    A lot of different items now from Marc Jacobs and Botkier have a metallic tone to them, but aren't a metallic color - like a metallic pink, lilac, brown, or blue. I think those will always be gorgeous, no matter if the metallic trend completely dies.
  9. I agree- I like the more bland metallics. Not so in your face, but more subtle shiny...
  10. Met. will go out, but so does everything else, all fashion goes around in a circle, what was popular in the 70's 80's is hot now. The fashion lines are showing diffrent stuff this spring, so I would go with a non metallic.
  11. I think they will come and go too but in my opinion if you love it use it no matter what. Just because it isn't "in" doesn't mean you don't have a use for it! Which ever one you chose is a great investment is a good one as others have said!!!
  12. I was not a big fan of metallic awhile ago but lately they have been coming out with lighter metallics that are not so flashy. I have grown to love those and when I first purchased one the SA said that metallics have been "in" for a couple seasons like everyone has said and will probably still be for awhile. I would go for the metallic to have a different hue in your collection :biggrin:
  13. I love metallics and I keep on thinking to myself "there will always be gold, silver and bronze" but I'd say gold would be a color I'd see more anytime during the year.
  14. Remember back packs? They've always been there but one year, Everyone had to have one and wore it everyday - and then, without much fanfare, they sort of faded into the backround again- Metallics (which make a much louder noise) will fade too- I think the're fine if you like them but I wouldn't spend a thousand dollars on one.
  15. Officially, the fashion houses will step away from metallic leathers starting F/W 06. I heard this from a fashion insider who is currently designing with the color scheme for F/W 06.