Metallic grey maxi anyone?!!

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  1. Has anyone seen or can confirm that the metallic grey lambskin actually does come in a maxi (new fall shape) or is it only available in the jumbo classic size? I am sooo confused. Paris only seem to have the jumbo classic and London have neither jumbo or maxi in the metallic grey but are expecting to receive them sometime soon. Does anyone know anything? I don't know whether I should just go for the jumbo classic or wait for the maxi??!!!!:confused1:
  2. Plus does anyone recollect seeing pics of a metallic grey maxi on here. I saw one which I thought was the metallic grey but I guess is the other grey lambskin that Chanel has done
  3. bump
  4. :tumbleweed:
  5. ^^^I know!!!
  6. Neiman Marcus is getting the Metallic Grey in Maxi size! My SA has already confirmed that it is coming however, it is just not in the system yet. I am definitely getting one! I think a few other department stores are getting it too but I am not sure which ones. I am sure the other ladies on here will have more info as well. Good Luck!
  7. Come on ladies..anybody?!! Pretty please!!
  8. Ooops, thank you! I was hoping to find out if anyone knows what europe/england has to say? The states have different stock to us at times, so if it is available there it may not guarantee availability over here
  9. mk78, welcome to my dilemma lol I am also having a hard time relocating my favs Chanel flaps, unfortunately we don't seem to carry a lot of styles in Dubai and since you haven't had any luck in Paris or London, I would've suggest maybe buying online? I am sure that there is few people outside the US that ordered from Neiman Marcus or Chanel boutiques and they actually shipped it to them internationally.

    Good luck :biggrin:
  10. ^I am one of them. I ordered my reissue tote from US. That's not available in HK.
  11. Saw it in the neimans lookbook yesterday!
  12. Saks will also be getting them, they are just not in stock yet.
  13. i also want to see the maxii metallic silverrr
  14. Hi, Chanel lovers! I've also been in search of a metallic grey Maxi or Jumbo flap. If any one of you happens to know once it's available and where, please do let me know through this thread. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!
  15. My black maxi wgh landed at Neiman Marcus today and I should have it Monday. It is my understanding that they have arrived in the warehouse in very limited quantities. If you are interested in black or gray or any other color you might want to call your NM SA.:graucho::graucho::graucho: