1. hey eveyrone,
    this is my first post,so i hope i am doing this right (threads, postings, etc). I apoogize in advance if im doing it wrong..hehe..:angel:

    i guess its fate but in the past 2 weeks, i saw 2 random girls carrying a METALLIC GRAY MJ Stam bag. It was love at first sight....At first, i thought it was Chanel, bc of the quilted leather, but the vintage/cool/hip chains made me think MJ immediately.

    Today, I went into the MJ store and I saw the METALLIC GRAY STAM BAG. I was in love! however, i had the SA from HELL and she was super snotty and un helpful, so I left after 10 minutes. :mad:

    My question is, is the METALLIC GRAY color the NEW COLOR for 2006? Also, what do you guys and gals think of this bag? worthy of 1200?!?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Glad you didn't give that rude SA the commission! How rude... Anyhoo, the Metallic Stam is from the Spring/Summer '06 collection. In my opinion, it is well worth $1200.

    Oh and Welcome to the Purse Forum!
  3. Welcome! Do you mean the Bronze? This one actually looks silver/grey depending on the light. I have this one but am shipping it back to MJ tomorrow as I traded for a different bag. It's freakin' GORGEOUS though! This was a pre-fall bag and it's available on This one has the new price of $1275.;jsessionid=TETOCO1S530XWCQAAJ1RPVQ?itemId=prod11100004&parentId=cat80012&masterId=cat20056&index=0&cmCat=cat000000cat000002cat000008cat30006cat20056cat80012
  4. hi daisy!

    thanks so much for replying. i know ur quite an expert on MJ and STAMS! heeheee...i have been trying to read about stams as much as i can on this forum, and on the other MJ STAM posts and i see ur comments often, ur so knowledgable!

    ur right, its the BRONZE Stam. I had no idea what the correct term for the color was..hehe..sorry for the confusion. is this the new color for 2006? there are so many colors, i get confused, but if i am going to spend 1275 for a bag, i really want it to be as recent as possible.

    do u find the bronze color easy to match? i cant decide between black/cashew and bronze....i already have black bags, but not in this shape..and bronze is such a unique im leaning more towards the bronze...what do u think?

    thanks for ur help!
  5. Hey Alice--

    The bronze Stam is a beautiful bag! I passed one up at my local Nordstrom the other day. Since I already have a putty (and it's my favorite color), I figured I didn't need two. But, if I didn't already own one, I would have purchased in a second. Even though it's metallic, it works with everything, IMO. It's surprisingly neutral. If you find one, I would go for it! You'll be happy. :smile:
  6. Which bag have you traded for,Daisy?
  7. Quirk, I traded for the black "Amanda" satchel. It was a TOUGH trade since the Bronze is SOOOOO beautiful but this new bag is just perfect for me. I have the Bronze sitting here waiting to be picked up by FedEx and it's killing me! :cry:

    I haven't posted pics but I posted about it in a few other threads...
  8. Pretty much the only Stams you'll find are the most recent ones since they sell out so quickly. Any Stam you find on the shelf is bound to be a "recent" one unless it's a return.

    On one hand the Bronze is very neutral and easy to match. I happened to wear a lot of black (it's my security blanket) so it turned out that every outfit I paired the Bronze with, I actually prefered my black Stam with it. That's the reason I'm returning it. If you're looking for something to make more of a statement, the Bronze will be for you. It is absolutely stunning and definitely packs a 'WOW' punch. My favorite description of the bag is "vintage glam". It's fabulous. Black is my favorite for the Stam but this is #2. I haven't seen the Cashew in person yet but it looks nice.

    Good luck and GET THE BRONZE!
  9. Hi LuvManoloB and Daisy,

    i did it!!! i called my SA at Saks (NEW YORK) and ordered it today...hehe.. i ordered the BRONZE STAM, like u all suggested, and they will mail to to me. i didnt tell my fiance about it bc, well, he said i have a "spending problem" and i just dont feel like hearing it from him..not yet at im so happy i can share my "secret" on here, with u guys..yay!

    the SA tells me that NEXT WEEK is the triple point week at Saks so if u purchase anything next week, u get 3 points on every dollar. thats why she will ship it out to me next TUESDAY. so if u guys want to rack up the points, try to put things on hold now and get it next week! also, i think Saks is having their PRE SALE now too, on select items..hope u guys find something u like! i need to stop for a couple of weeks, since im buying the STAM..hahaha

    thanks so much! i will post pics when i get it

  10. Congratulations! And, enjoy your new Stam when you get it! Glad that you could share with us! :smile:
  11. great choice. I just saw this bronze color today at saks. Although it is not a bronze stam, the color itself is really stunning!!!

    Not that shiny but really understated kinda sheen. Beautiful!
  12. Congrats, Miss Alice!! I hope you love it. =)

    Bronze is now sold out on BG. This makes me want mine back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I think it's worth it if it's love at first sight.
  14. Congrats Alice! I am sure you will love the bronze! Thanks for the head up about triple points at Saks. :smile:
  15. Congrats Miss Alice...hope you love your new bag!!

    Daisy...I adore the Amanda satchel!! Will hunt for your pics...