Metallic Gold Python Soft and Chain - yay or nay? *pic*


Do you like the metallic python soft and chain?

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  2. No

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  1. The strap and unstructured feel of the soft and chain is appealing, however...Do you think this python version looks like it would still look good 5 years from now? [​IMG]
  2. Hmm, I'm torn. I think, with the chain, it's a bit too much. I'd much prefer if this was a clutch for evening. Because it's a shoulder bag, there will probably be more wear & tear versus if it was a handheld.
  3. eek..Im not in love at all...sorry!
  4. not my style...
  5. The bag is pricey & does not have the timeless look. It's maybe look better as a small clutch?
  6. hmm.. not liking it at all.. :s
  7. I like the chain and the color but I don't like the quilting detail.
  8. Nay! Too much going on with that bag.

    With a skin you need to only see the beauty of the skin - doesn't need any distractions.
  9. I like it....I like the chunky chain (although I usually prefer a chain strap with leather woven into it), and I love the gold python.
  10. I bet it look smuch better in person.
  11. I think if you go with gold python, it would look nicest IMO in a timeless clutch shape. :smile:

  12. Not for me... :shrugs:
  13. i'm not a fan, the gold python is too much for me
  14. the gold color + the python + the CC logo? = WAAY too blingy. it looks very noveau riche. i don't like it. python is VERY VERY high maintenance. the skin will flake and the scales will wilt and won't keep straight. keep in mind the climate where you live in too, if you live in the south, good luck with maintaining it because the heat and humidity will deteriorate it faster.
  15. Not digging it :s