Metallic Gold paddington - where??

  1. Hi!

    I have been looking for a medium paddy in the metallic gold color forever, but I just can't find one anywhere:crybaby:

    Anyone who knows somewhere where they still have one? Perhaps an online store? Has anyone found one on eBay recently?

    Thank you so much!
  2. Hi Scarlett,
    Have looked on all the usual sites for you! lots of bowling style bags still available in Gold, but not the medium paddy.

    Will keep looking and see what we come up with. Any other girls seen any on their Chloe travels?? ;)
  3. CHloe Babe I want to rake down the back of your sofa if you have that amount lying about!
  4. Sorry I checked around for you no gold to be had
  5. Thank you all for looking! hehe maybe the lizard skin is just a little too expensive:p

    I guess I'll just have to hope for one turning up on eBay...even though i'm going to go :cursing: with waiting hehe...I just :heart: that gold color!
  6. Have you seen this one? My Personal Shoppers She sells on eBay and has a very good reputation for authentic on the Chanel board. Her prices are a bit higher than you might pay elsewhere, but if it's a hard to find color or one you really want it might be worth it.:yes:
  7. OMG! :nuts: I just contacted them...hope they will ship to Denmark!
    Thank you so much! I think I just finally found my new Chloe :yahoo:

    I was thinking about buying a black one instead, but the gold is just so :heart: :love:
  8. Very nice!! I hope they ship to you!

    You have to be extra careful with metallics. The two metallic items I had always had the mettalic rub off around the corners or on any creases. I think it's just the way metallics wear.
  9. You're very welcome! I kept going in there to see her bags, and there was this one Paddy orphan in the Chloe section.:sad: It made me sad, lol, so I'm glad it's going to a good home.:yes: Let us know if you got it and be sure to post pics!