Metallic Gold Paddington - Shud I?

  1. I, personally, am not a big fan of metallic paddingtons. I heard they flake a lot? I say go for the beautiful whiskey!
  2. Welcome, like the color. It says it's real, are you sure?
  3. i would get the whiskey. and i am not sure it is real the gold one.
  4. Whiskey hands down:yes:
  5. Whiskey all the way, and not just saying that coz I have one, hehe. The gold is not high on my "like" chart.. For metallics, I much prefer the Anthracite.
  6. ^^^ Yes, Sue! Love the anthracite too!
  7. Hehe, Tod:smile:) What can I say? We have great taste!:P
  8. yup i've verified with the seller its real, she has got the store receipt, and I've also checked wif her past buyers if she sells authentic stuff, all ok. (i did my homework!)

    i have to agree that whiskey is more a classic color to buy, but there is just something abt this metallic gold bag that I luv rite now! dammit , tis is hard!! if only i can afford 2!
  9. I would buy whiskey because metallics have a history and will not be repaired (other than the hardware) by Chloe, contrary to what happens to damage to the colour on other bags.
  10. London Dolly. This gold paddy was heavily reduced in price in the recent sales, as the gold was not the most popular seller.
    If, as I suspect by your avatar you are in London,
    Matches still had one on sale last week in store for 500 and something pounds. That way you would guarantee authenticity.
    I would call them if you genuinely love the colour. The number is as follows :smile:

    Ledbury Road Branch Tel: 020 7221 0255
    Richmond Branch Tel: 020 8332 9733

    Good luck :smile:
  11. thanks! tats really kind of u!