Metallic Gold Goatskin Bowler from Luxury Line Alert!

  1. Denise Junell at Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle sent me this email. The price is $2160. If you don't have a Nordstrom in your state you can save sales tax by doing a charge-send with Denise. Her number is 206.628.1390.

    If anyone in your Purse Forum was looking for a GOLD MEDIUM BOWLER from the Spring Luxury Collection, it was the HOT color, I have 1 available. I had a customer fall out on it and it was sold out nation wide pretty quickly. Just keeping you in the loop. I'll set it aside for the day.
  2. OMG, this is too good to resist!!!
  3. Go for it! The metallic leather on the spring luxe line is fantastic and who knows if Chanel will re-do it in future seasons. I am so glad I got my metallic black flap - snatched the last one from my local NM.
  4. *hyperventilates* I think I am going to call ... right now! Thanks for this great tip!
  5. LOL, I totally get the hyperventillates thing. I do that too when I buy an expensive bag! Keep us in the loop. It sounds like you've been wanting this one. :biggrin:
  6. thanksss! she's out for lunch but the bag is still there, I hope she calls me back! there's a peach (matte) at my local NM and I am going to check it again in abit but somehow the peach does not make my heart flutter ...
  7. I wish I had seen this sooner! I called but she said it was on hold for somebody. I thought I was getting the gold bowler from Saks today, but when I got there, I found out that the one the SA set aside was the gigantic one and that Saks never ordered it in the medium size. :crybaby:What a dissappointing day!
  8. Dang, she's a total sweetie!!
  9. So who bought it?!
  10. me me me!!! *excited* THANKS A MILLION ROEY! It's arriving on Sat, I cannot wait!!!
  11. Edna - sorry to hear about it - will you be interested in a medium metallic bowler in bronze (khaki)?
  12. Yay! :yahoo: :wlae: Did you say you are from the PF?
  13. j0s1e267 - Congrats on scoring the gold bowler! It's a gorgeous bag! I don't know if I like the bronze too much though. I already have a black one, and I was thinking since they are both dark, it might be too similar to have in the same style. Maybe I will try my hand at eBay. :smile:
  14. roey yes yes, it was mentioned that I found out about this treasure via TPF!!! :yahoo: Thanks again!!:love:

    edna thanks :smile: if you are interested, there's a bronze at NM Palo Alto. btw, do you have an '05 Turquoise City?? that's a TDF color! :love: :love: