Metallic flap lux line.. You are so gorgeous.

  1. OMG!!! My need is killing me...:wtf:

    I went to Chanel shop today to ask for the cross C earrings in the ad and fell so deep for the metallic flap luxury line. It's not cheap looking metallic. It's so classy and chic. The only downside about this bag is THE PRICE!!! I can not remember the exact price but it is around 1100 something pound.

    I 've bought Muse bag and YSL shoes just the day before i saw this one. I love my Muse but my mind is still linger at Chanel shop.

    What should i do to stop this feeling?
  2. There's no hope, you are hooked.:lol:
  3. I know what you mean. I barely visit the Chloe forum anymore and I am nuts about my Chloe bags. I'm living in Chanel - at least for now!!
  4. Uh oh... you've got the 'Chanel fever'... don't worry, it is a common ailment :smile: .... but it's difficult to overcome. There are just so many bags out there for the choosing... if only we could get them all.
  5. Personally? I surrendered! And my Luxe Flap in metallic black is my most favoritest bag ever!
  6. I think the only remedy is to buy it now!!!! Do you think it's contagious by spending time in this forum?
  7. You are so right, buy it now, that is the only relief once you have been bit by the chanel bug!
  8. I've been bitten by the Chanel bug too. I mean I've always wanted a Chanel bag but not as badly as now esp since I've joined the Chanel forum & started reading up on all the Chanels. I used to be addicted to the YSL forum, but now Chanel is my new home! This place is sooooo addicting!!! I've already got 3 Chanel bags that I sooo really want. The problem is convincing my hubby how much I NEED these bags!!

    Misery Loves Company I guess..that's why I'm here!!!Too many Chanel bags & not enough $$$$!!!:crybaby:

  9. I agreee!! I had always wanted a Chanel handbag. After I joined this forum I couldn't resist anymore & finally bought one =)
  10. yeah the same with me, i am using every bit of willpower i have to wait till the chanel valentine line comes out..once it is im going to be ALL over it..hopefully :P