Metallic Fendi Spy in my BLuefly shopping cart let me know if you want it

  1. How much is it? I am curious. Thanks
  2. $1928
  3. Wow pretty good discounted! I am thinking.. Gosh I want but I also want to buy the new fall/summer spy bag. I guess I have to watch someone else get it huh? But thanks so much for letting us know so canhave the first dib. I never buy from Bluefly, I guess their stuff is authentic right?
  4. Do you know what are the Fall/Winter spy colors, Sweetea? I know there're lambskin ones coming out in brown and black. Wonder if there're colors.
  5. Hi Tammy, That's the thing. The only colors that I know will be coming in Fall is those brown pleated spy and the vintage black, and grey. I think there threads about this on Fendi sub forum. I am waiting..for a different color (hopefully they will be) but the reg vintage black and grey would be interesting to see in person. I can't wait.
  6. Thanks Sweetea. I wonder how different the vintage black will be from the regular black nappa spy. I'm hoping for some blues and greens. The SA from Fendi at rue de Montaigne (Paris) whom I usually buy from will be calling me in July to let me know when the new collection is in. I will post what I know at that time. Can't wait!