Metallic edge: TAUPE vs. ICE BLUE

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  1. Hi,
    I've been learning a lot from the B forum and getting ready to buy a new Balenciaga city metallic edge bag. I'm trying VERY HARD to not buy BLACK because I love it so much but have other black bags. What are your thoughts on these two colors? This would be my spring/summer bag. I would be wearing the bag with top and jeans most of the time. TIA!!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458571831.940435.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458571842.323264.jpg
  2. It depends a lot on your wardrobe and which color sings to you (as well as whether HW color makes a difference to you), but I have to say, that Ice Blue is special. I've seen it IRL, and the color morphs from pale blue to a darker blue/gray depending on the light. Both colors are pretty, and the taupe is more neutral, but ice blue with jeans would be perfection, IMO.
  3. I really like the ice blue and I think it would look great with jeans.
  4. The Ice Blue looks amazing. I'd be worried about colour transfer with the Taupe if you're wearing it with jeans a lot.
  5. That's tough, both are beautiful. Not to add to the confusion, but normally I wouldn't go for the taupe with gold; however, I recently saw a woman sporting a mini taupe with gold ME and it was stunning with her casual outfit. ME hadn't really been on my radar until I saw it on this woman and I now have a black ME city with pale gold and a mini black city ME in silver. I still think about the taupe ME in gold and I've been eyeing the ice blue too, but after seeing the way it looks on, the taupe with gold really sticks with me.
  6. My vote is for Ice Blue ;)
  7. Both are absolutely gorgeous. You can't go wrong with either, and you'd love either one.
  8. Thank you everyone for your feedback so far! I have a truly TERRIBLE time deciding on a color when it comes to bags!! I promise to reveal after I pick her out!
  9. They are both very pretty but the Ice Blue with silver hardware is a stunner and would look great with jeans :graucho:
    And definitely post pics when you decide ;)
  10. Taupe gets my vote!
  11. I don't know if this will help, but notice that they have a big difference in their "temperature," visually: one is warm tones, while the other is very cool tones. Does your wardrobe lean toward the warm or the cool?

    Also, do you wear a lot of black? If you do, I think the blue would be very compatible.

    Both are gorgeous.
  12. Ice Blue just because I'm scared of stains and color transfers!! :P But both are beautiful!!
  13. Ice blue with silver is stunningly beautiful! Reminds me of Ardoise.
  14. I bought the ice blue 3 months ago and I can't stop using it!! The more I look at it the more I love the color
  15. I saw both of them in store today and liked the Ice Blue wayyyy more. It is gorgeous! I would love to have one myself.