Metallic Edge SLOUCH?

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  1. Hi,
    I'd REALLY like to own the ME city and I'm wondering how much the bag will slouch ultimately. I'm only 5'4 with shoes on and I'm not used to such a wide bag. I recently tried the small city and was a little underwhelmed by the interior size and the petite handles. So, can anyone weigh in on how slouchy their ME bag has become) compared to the lambskin city? Thanks so much!
  2. Hello, how much & how fast it will slouch, i believe, depends on individual usage.

    I suggest you check out the thread "It's Hammer Time" & "Metallic Edge" thread. There are tonnes of beautiful photos for your reference. So seeing photos will be much better :noworry:
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  3. My ME is getting a lovely slouch though I am the second owner and wear my bag constantly!
  5. I have a bleu acier ME city and I think it was slouch enough from the beginning. The bag looks so much smaller when wearing it on the shoulder than stuffed on the counter so I wouldn't worry about the size, but that's of course just my opinion. :smile:
  6. Hi! Bleu Acier is beautiful! Thanks so much for the reassurance. I want one so bad...just concerned about the proportion. Enjoy your day!
  7. Thank you, you too! I'm sure the bag will suit you perfectly but of course is better to be sure than sorry. :smile:
  8. Hi unfortunately I am away from her right now :sad:
    There was a medical emergency and I had to go back to California with only two bags (OMG right?)
    But here are a couple from my Instagram
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your medical emergency! I hope you or your loved ones are okay. Thank you for sending those pictures! Your bag is beautifully broken in! I'm envious now...I think I will have to get it. What made you choose the SHW over GHW? Just curious as I'm leaning towards GHW.
  10. Thank you! Yes my mom received a kidney/liver transplant and is doing wonderfully!

    But bal wise I love how it's broken in but i do have a shaper if I want a more structured look, but I love a good mushy bag LOL it's been great survived my move to NYC been by my side rain or shine and still
    like new
  11. Wow :nuts: Thanks so much for sharing! The leather looks even better after being worn. I can't wait for my new black/gold Metallic Edge City to slouch like this. Just gorgeous congrats on your beauty :heart::smile: