Metallic Edge in black -- Goldtone or Silvertone?

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  1. I'm getting a Metallic Edge city in black this weekend...but cannot decide whether to get it with goldtone or silvertone hardware. Any insight?? Which one would last longer in terms of looking fresh/fashionable and not dated? Would love to hear from those who own one or the other. Thanks!! :graucho:
  2. I think it really depends on what metal you gravitate to. For instance, if you prefer Yellow Gold, then the Gold metallic would be better, but if you tend to prefer Platinum, White Gold or Silver, then go with the Silver metallic.

    I wear almost no "white" metals anymore, so it's Gold all the way for me ..
  3. I have it in pale gold and love it. I didn't like it as much in silver but I love my mini city metallic edge in silver! So I guess I love both metals 😜
  4. so is getting both the answer? you're not helping!!:lolots:
  5. here is a picture of my silver ME - I thing things always look a little different IRL

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  6. Silver !
  7. +1

    I think the yellow gold has a "dressier" vibe than the silver imo. For me it depends on the color of the leather but I lean towards gold. But it really boils down to what you prefer like CeeJay said. Can't wait to see what you get. Good luck deciding!
  8. Yes 😁 Get one in a mini and another in a city....that being said the black velo with gold ME is also gorgeous!
  9. ~~Silver~~ to me! :wlae::wlae:
  10. If the leather is black, on the ME I think the silver is a less dressy and more edgy, possibly a bit more versatile, the gold is more elegant and dressy and "uptown" looking.

    I don't think either will go out of style, just a matter of personal taste. The other thing is, the early ME bags had the very rich yellow gold, and then they moved to the more "champagne" gold in 2014 that can look silver in some light and like very pale gold in other lights. If you're on the fence, that might be a good way to go.
  11. Silver!
  12. I prefer black on gold hardware. It just more striking in my opinion.
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    Silver is elegant and cool at the same time. Gold is more classic and classy.
  14. Depends on your style, thats my advice and I think the most useful tip! If you wear gold often then you wont get bored of it, same with silver. However you cant go wrong, both are stunning pieces :smile:
  15. I love both but I will buy myself a black ME with GHW someday :biggrin: