Metallic Dark Pink Reissue 227 Arrival??

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Have you heard about when the met dark pink reissue 227 will arrive? I have been waiting for ages and still heard nothing back from my SAs and just wondering if the bag will really appear. :shrugs::confused1:
  2. ^quite a few people in this forum got it already, if you check the threads of do a search
  3. Hello Fashionlover,

    I know some of us have gotten the 226, not the 227. Are you sure people have started getting the met dark pink in 227 in the States? I'll have to call my SA if that's right!! Thanks.
  4. Hi there,
    FYI - If your name is on the list at Bergdorf G. , they received their 227's about 2 months back, I think. I got mine from B G over a month back.
  5. I have mine too, at least a month.
  6. Hello Goshopping & Bethc,

    So far only BG has received the 227 in the states I think. I have put my name down with Nordie and now starting to wonder if they will ever receive the stock!
  7. Some Nordstrom already received the dark pink in 226 size, but not 227 yet. I think that the bag is slowly trickling in, yet the wait list at Nordies is pretty long.
  8. Goshopping,

    I should be the one or two on the list. Just wondering why it takes Nordie so long as BG has gotten that awhile back like you said. Just can't wait!!! Please pray for me!
  9. I love my 227 dark pink. The color is very unique. Call your SA again. When Nordie Portland receives the 226 last month, I think they only got one in at a time. Good luck!!
  10. did Saks or BG order size 225?
  11. Weird then ...
    My home country order only 225 and 227 . They don't have 226 at all. Now they said they will order more 226 . But let face it ,I think people use more 226 than 227 .
  12. Nordstrom Seattle received a dark pink 227 yesterday. Try calling to see if it's still available. Ask for Peggy Urban.
  13. Goshopping,

    OMG!! Thanks!!! I'll call!!!!!!!!!