Metallic Daria??

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  1. Hi all :biggrin:

    I've not been around much lately - had my hands full with my new arrival :cloud9: Thanks for all your messages - I'm totally in love with my little bundle already.

    Anyhow, keeping on topic ;) I was just browsing Net-a-Porter, as you do, and the Mulberry front page has, what looks like, a metallic Daria Hobo :heart:


    Has anybody seen this IRL? Be still my beating heart :girlsigh:
  2. that'll be the metallic yellow that you and LMM were slagging me about! :lol: Glad youre doing so well :cloud9: two is great isnt it?!
  3. Step away from the Daria ditab ... you said you had the ideal number of bags .. remember .. :graucho: :P

    Glad you are all loved up with your new addition - she is a little cutie!! :biggrin:
  4. awww great to see you on here Dita, hope little one is fine :smile:
  5. #5 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    :Push: Metallic yellow is gold, isn't it?!!! D'oh! Well, I take it back - it looks gorgeous. Can't justify a gold bag, though - I'd hoped it was pewter :nuts:

    ETA, I'm totally loving being a mummy of two and so far so good :tup:
  6. Ah, but now I have to invest in classics to pass down to Eva ;) :lolots:

    Not that the Daria is a classic,of course!

    Hi, chloe-babe :smile: Little one is doing really well :cloud9: The Alexa in your avatar is stunning :drool: I can't wait to check out Alexa IRL.
  7. It could be one day dita .. you never know ;)
  8. I got to take a look at the spring collection at the Mulberry shop, and I think that color is pewter actually...
  9. Thanks Dita, so glad that she is a bonny baby!
    Take her with you to check out the new Darias and indulge her interests early ;)
  10. Ooh, thanks for that, MB :nuts: I'm loving it - it reminds me of a gold canvas Kate Spade bag I used to have. Would be perfect for summer, bet it weighs nothing - hope that MyWardrobe stock it :graucho:
  11. Dita, lovely to hear from you hun.
  12. Thanks, riffraff :biggrin: I've been lurking a wee bit - I'm usually interrupted when I'm about to post, hungry little munchkins must come first!
  13. Just wanted to say hi Dita! Glad all is well with you & your family. Don't know anything about any darias though sorry! x
  14. Hello Ditab, nice to see you that you already have spare time to visit tPF! She must be perfect baby - hope you two are sleeping well.
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