Metallic cream paddington???

  1. I recently bought a chloe paddington off ebay and it turned out to be a fake and yes i know what you're all going to say about buying from ebay so it's my own fault
    Anyway I'm trying to return it but the seller insists that it is authentic.
    What i want to know is if Chloe even made a paddington in a metallic cream colour.
  2. Welcome!

    Can you post pics?? Maybe a link to the auction as well? Probably in the Auth This section would be best. :yes:
  3. Yes post pics - I am 99.9% sure there was not a metallic cream
  4. nitch. You have nothing to prove.
    This seller is trying to sell a bag as 100% authentic and it clearly isnt!

    Tell her that Ebay are clamping down on fakers and she will have her ebay account suspended if she does not give you your money back - although having looked at it, it seems she already has, as she is now showing as an unlicenced seller :sad:.

    Metallic cream was NEVER released as a colour, and cream was never released with silver hardware. A genuine bag would NEVER sell for under four hundred pounds. Fact!
  5. Oh my... that's is horrible. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I agree with Chloe-babe. This color combination (even metallic cream) was never released. I hope you get your money back! Good luck!