Metallic Colors for Reissue

  1. Hi,

    I need some help here, I have seen tons of reissue photos on this forum, and I am trying ascertain how many metallic colors are available? And what are the colors?

    Because of the lighting of the photos, it's really difficult to tell the difference between the colors? Can someone enlighten me?

    From what I have seen people postings: there are dark gold, light gold, light silver and dark silver, bronze etc...but I can only tell the difference between silver and gold (LOL)

    Thanks in advance! Meow
  2. Some people refer to dark silver as bronze because it has bronze undertones and does look bronzey in some lighting. But they are the same color = dark silver.

    There are 6 colors of metallic reissues to date:

    Dark Silver
    Light Silver
    Dark Gold
    Light Gold
    Copper/ Rose Gold
    Metallic Black
  3. Hi Meow!well the manager at Chanel b Vienna had told me that Europe will get only Black and light silver met this Fall!