Metallic coach problem

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  1. I recently purchased a signature coach that has a metallic gold handle and trim. I am worried that over time this will fade since it is a covering over the leather. Does anyone have any thoughts, pictures, or insight that they could share about this. It still has the tags on so I am debating going back to get black but black is not as cute as the gold.

    I called Coach and they said it can fade over time and that it is normal wear so they would not be responsible for it. I would like to see what this fading will look like if anyone has pictures.
  2. There are alot of problems with metallics flaking and rubbing off. You can do a search on here. Just type in Metallics and I am sure you will find all the threads on it. I have the metallic carly and it rubbed after only 3 uses.
  3. I've had excellent luck so far with the Legacy Bridgit and Legacy Thompson Juliette, which are textured heavy metallics. Both I have used a lot. However, I carried the gunmetal Peyton (an $800 bag!) on my shoulder with little to no rubbing, and the metallic started rubbing off the back on my shirt in about 24 hours! I returned it and got the pink leather version!! I think smooth metallics are more delicate than the textured ones seem to be, but I wouldn't invest a lot of money in them. They can be resprayed from what I was told, but I don't know how much this costs. I need to find out! But I learned my lesson on the really expensive metallics with the Peyton!!
  4. i had a carly with bronze trim and it faded and kinda crackled. it frayed though so i brought her in and get a pleated ergo satchel instead.