Metallic coach bags

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  1. I recently bought a metallic coach bag , the reviews I have read says they peel off . I just bought the Zoe metallic gunmetal, I should probably return before I use it because of all the reviews on the metallic?
  2. I don't know about the Zoe, but I've had one experience with metallic-like sort of leather with a gold leather Kristin hobo which peeled after a week's use. I took it back and exchanged for regular leather. I love the looks of the metallics, but I won't buy another one because of the peeling/flaking problems.
  3. i think all metallic type leather will fade and flake its just the nature of it. i would take it back and get a regular leather
  4. I have the gunmetal Zoe and use her quite a bit. So far, so peeling or flaking. I don't really baby my bags either so hopefully that's a good sign!
  5. I had the gunmetal Zoe too and just exchanged her (they damaged it out) at the outlet for black leather because after 2 weeks of use, the metallic was wearing off on the bottom corners. I knew it would happen eventually but it bothered me that it was so quickly. It's too bad because it's a gorgeous bag!! I haven't had the heart to take her out of my avatar yet. :sad:
  6. I'm a sucker for metallic bags and the reported "issues" have not deterred me at all. I have the FP platinum Zoe, the amethyst Audrey, and a third (which I won't name yet because I want to do a reveal). I haven't had any issues with them, but I tend to switch out of bags pretty often and I'm very careful when I carry them.
  7. I love metallic bags also, and I have several that I use carefully and occasionally.

    But I don't think they are everyday bags one can carry for like a year straight and not have some damage to the finish.

    So if you are looking for an everyday bag that will last years, then maybe exchange her for regular leather. But if you are looking for a beautiful & special bag that you won't mind babying a little along the way, keep her and enjoy.
  8. I sort of think the MFF Zoe is indestructible. I haven't had any issues with the metallic leather. Then again, I carry her only about 3x/month and I'm pretty careful with all my bags.

    It seems like the metallic on some other bags is more fragile than the Zoe. I have the gold Kristen hobo, large, tags still on. Can't decide whether to risk her or not. She seems fragile. And those metallic Alexandras!! I was afraid to touch them in the store, even!
  9. I have the metallic Zoe- have had for two months or so- I use her very frequently and have not noticed any of the problems others have had at all. In fact, I am really impressed with her!~
    Of course, it wasn't until AFTER I purchased her, snipped the tags, and used her for a few days that I saw the comments about the metals flaking on different bags...
    Perhaps, as cosmogrrl suggested, the metals on boutique bags IS more fragile?
    Good luck with yours!
  10. I also LOVE metallic bags. Especially gunmetal. I have the Julia hobo and Julia tote in gunmetal. I rotated between the two all summer and both are still in great shape. I have the large Mia Maggie silver metallic bag on the way and I'm a little nervous about that one because the leather seems softer than the Julia's. I love that bag though!
  11. I LOVE metallics too and have quite a few but like many here said - they are NOT for everyday or frequent use. They are for special occasions, regular leather is for everyday use:smile: Metallic will wear out way before regular leather or signature fabric. So keep that in mind and enjoy whatever bag you decide to go with! By the way - that Zoe is beautiful!
  12. I have metallic Coach and Metallic other designer bags. None of my bags get daily use, but I have never had an issue. But again, they are not everyday bags. I personally love metallic!
  13. I've got a few metallic bags, accessories myself and have never had any issues with them. I tend to use a bag for a week or two before rotating again. And I too personally love the metallic bags. ;)
  14. It's crazy how much I hear about the gunmetal Alexandra and the flaking/peeling problem. I've had mine for nearly a month and have carried her almost exclusively and haven't had a single problem (and hopefully never will! ::crosses fingers:: ). I love the metallics, but I nearly didn't get her because of all the problems I heard about here. It's just unfortunate that it seems that mine is the exception, not the rule.